Garden Design

A garden design should incorporate atmosphere, mood, texture and colour. An initial consultation will discuss the garden function, who will use it, and focus on details alongside timescale and budget. A design will be created for you by plotting exact dimensions, incorporating your garden aspirations, and including any existing features you would like to keep. 

I will draw up a variety of technical drawings – plan views - for you to choose from or mix together. Once you have decided on a garden you are happy with, I will create a final scale drawing ready for the next stage.

Plant Plan Design

Plant design works around the landscaping and architecture of your existing garden. Plants give your garden structure and balance. Incorporated into the plant design are your suggestions, tastes, dislikes and preferences.

Individual Plant Design prices are discussed for each project.

A theme can run through the plant design, be it colour or origin. Climate, weather and soil conditions will also determine the type of planting to suit your garden. Seasonal planting means the garden will have something growing and flowering all year long, from daffodils and sunflowers to Christmas roses. A background of evergreen shrubs or trees can frame the garden, adding height and texture.


Maintaining your garden depends on the time you have available and the desire to work in your garden. Gardening should not be a chore. The type of garden you have will determine the gardening required. I can leave you with maintenance advice and give you contacts for reliable gardeners.

Seasonal Container Planting

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Your choice of pots, window boxes, or hanging baskets; I can create the desired effect to suit your style in planters of your choice.

Festive Wreaths and Swags

Add summer colour to your home using bespoke flowering containers to create a welcoming entrance. Gift vouchers available for all garden and plant design work.